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Evaporate IT is your trusted e-commerce digital consulting partner. Whether you are working through a digital transformation or optimizing the end user journey our holistic approach will identify areas of opportunity, architect solutions, and get them delivered giving your business an edge over your competitors.

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Application Management

Whether you need to support 10,000 simultaneous users or you have a small boutique business that focuses on customer intimacy via integrated systems we can architect a solution that will meet your needs. Performance (especially mobile) is a key performance indicator and impacts conversions, marketing efforts, and user experience.

Infrastructure & Cloud

Cloud computing has given businesses of all sizes access to technology resources at a scale that would’ve been laughed at 10 years ago. While this flexibility is incredibly powerful it’s difficult for some companies to make the transition. We can assist with architecture, migration, and ongoing cloud hosting.


Vulnerabilities can damage your business through lost reputation, fraud, regulatory fines, and downtime. We can evaluate your security policies and platforms and develop comprehensive plans to mitigate attacks, prevent data theft, and minimize downtime.

IT Outsourcing

Access to developers all over the globe has driven down the hourly cost of software development yet projects continue to be plagued by delays and cost overruns. We can help manage your outsourcing partners and improve relationships by streamlining processes and minimizing cultural communication challenges.


Over the last 20 years our founder, Jason Barney, has helped hundreds of customers achieve their digital objectives and has completed over 300 website projects. He has led highly successful global projects for companies including Puma, Cobra Golf, Jaguar, Land Rover, Polaris, and Hormel Foods. We specialize in e-commerce platforms and omnichannel integrations with POS, ERP, order management, inventory management, PIM, warehouse management, and fulfillment systems.

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